Fells & Forest is a wonderfully independent outdoor provider offering skills, coaching and instruction with a flair for originality.

We don't think that mountain activities should become an endurance event because of a grumpy instructor; neither do we think that the customer should have to shoehorn themselves into an inflexible program that only caters for some of their needs. We don't think that it takes much to listen to what our customers want and then deliver it in a professional and enjoyable way - but you'd be surprised...

We believe in offering the very best instruction, coaching and guiding, but then again, so does everyone. We've been doing it though for over 30 years and we couple everything we do with an infectious enthusiasm for the outdoors. Each day becomes a shared adventure where some times the tempo can be high, but often it's very relaxed (we're conscious that most of our customers are actually on holiday).

We hope that you'll find Fells & Forest offers a refreshing approach to the outdoors.



Fells & Forest is owned and run by Colin Reilly. Due to his abysmal footballing skills, Colin discovered climbing at the tender age of ten, feeling much more at home on the crags of his native Coniston than the football pitch of the village school.

Cycling, once his only form of independent transport, soon became a passion that developed into mountain biking (once it had been invented). Colin has been instructing in the outdoors for over thirty years, working with outdoor centres, youth groups, national Centres and independent providers.

Colin has climbed and biked extensively in the UK and also in Europe, with mountaineering and mountain bike excursions in North and South America, New Zealand, the Himalayas and Greenland.

He is a qualified mountaineering instructor (WMCI) and member of AMI, and a British Cycling mountain bike Tutor and coach

He is married with five, grown up children, is the Pastor of his local church, and grows the finest potatoes in the North of Britain.